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Why Vantix

Highly Specialized Industry Insights, Expertise, and Strategies

At Vantix, we’re proud to offer our clients insights tailored to their unique real estate requirements so they can maximize returns, lower market risks, and develop acquisition and disposition strategies that yield measurable results.

Service Types

Property Repositioning Strategies

Maximize your real estate value with our routine asset reviews, which ensure your property is serving its “highest and best use” in its submarket. In addition to optimizing performance, we keep our strategies dynamic so you can maximize or maintain value, even as real estate market conditions fluctuate.

Land Planning

Our team has 30+ years of land planning and consultation experience working with mixed use, industrial; commercial, residential, and institutional developers.  Our residential development experience includes luxury waterfront, RV, golf course, retirement, condo/apartment multi-family and first-time entry single family and villa communities.  We understand how to maximize entitlements and development potential to add value to a project.  We have experience with Comprehensive Plans, Master Plans, Planned Unit Developments, Site Planning, and Urban Design in jurisdictions throughout Tampa Bay and the greater southeast.  We can assist with site assessment, designing a development strategy, modifying current zoning and entitlements, expand land development potential, and otherwise add value.  Let us help you!

Lease Abstractions

Through our lease abstractions, we’re able to ensure that your lease terms are adhered to, lease renewal options are considered in a timely manner, and all rental and expense income is received.

Feasibility Analysis

Speculative construction, building renovations, and capital expenditures all involve a cost-benefit analysis. We help to maximize your returns by ensuring your resources are deployed in the right way, at the right time.

Workout Strategies

Navigating distressed properties is often complex and requires a higher level of expertise and knowledge. Our workout strategies help  our clients and stakeholders involved in each real estate venture come to a sound, satisfactory agreement.

Investment Analysis

Investment decisions are not made in a vacuum. As an investor, you have varying needs and risk tolerances, finite resources, and unique investment horizons, which is why we start our investment analysis with a client interview prior to a specific asset review. Once we have a thorough understanding of your objectives, we will help you come up with a strong strategy for your acquisition and disposition decisions.

Market Studies

We conduct extensive  market studies tailored to your unique questions and concerns – from what and how much to build, feasible rent and pricing, and more – so that you can confidently take on your next real estate venture with data-backed insights.

Due Diligence

Fully understanding the ins and outs of  property at the time of purchase is critical. We support you in ensuring all of the legal, physical, financial, and economic aspects of a property are fully understood before you invest. 






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