Valuation and Analysis Services

From single asset valuations to multi-property portfolios, we are here to serve your needs.

Why Vantix

Service and Quality

At Vantix, we provide the most accurate data and analysis available to help our clients make well-informed real estate decisions. We routinely tackle even the most complex tasks and advise professionals in a range of industries from public and private corporations to individual owners and investors to financial institutions, and beyond.

Service Types

Valuation and Analysis Services for All Types of Commercial Real Estate

Make sound real estate decisions with our suite of resources, in-depth industry experience, and dedication to your success.

Eminent Domain and Litigation

For over 30 years throughout Florida, our dedicated team has advised condemning authorities and private property owners in order to help them  successfully navigate eminent domain and litigation valuations. We provide right-of-way cost estimates, appraisals and appraisal reviews, litigation support, special studies to determine “damages,” GIS/mapping, and expert witness services to help you achieve the best outcomes.

Distressed Property Solutions

Distressed real estate is ultimately about defining value, understanding and mitigating risk, and identifying opportunities. Among deteriorating capital market conditions and unstable real estate values, our Distressed Property Services Group understands how to help you through the most complex dynamics of every distressed property, including submarket conditions, ownership objectives, and their risks.

Expert Witness

We provide extensive expert witness services in courts throughout Florida, including deficiency judgments, divorce matters, commercial litigation, and eminent domain.

Single Asset and Portfolio Valuations

Whether you have one property, a large regional portfolio, or anything in between, our team can help you pinpoint your asset’s value.

Market Analysis

From market studies tailored to your unique needs to market data and interpretation of that data to pricing strategies for leasing, dispositions, and acquisitions, we offer market analysis services designed to help you make informed investment decisions.

Cash Flow Modeling

Cash flow modeling can help you isolate specific investments in new construction, renovations, TI allowances, and more, so you can have peace of mind when making risk-return decisions.

Property Tax Analysis

For property owners and tenants, taxes are one of the largest operating expenses and one of the most significant factors in terms of influencing property value. Ensure you’re not paying more property taxes than you need to with our comprehensive property tax management processes and Property Tax Advisory Services Group on your side.

Appraisal Management and Review

Whether you have national or regional appraisal needs, we’re here to provide third-party appraisal review services and help you engage and manage appraisals accurately and efficiently.






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